Digital Solutions

SharePoint and SharePoint Online – central HUB of communications / migration to the cloud

Utilizing SharePoint and SharePoint Online, EVOKE helps you drive employee engagement and fosters collaboration

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Does your organization have a central repository for information that is vital to business operations? When employees do not have easy access to policies, forms, directories and other important operational information that often resides in a company’s intranet it makes them inefficient. Intranets are the lifeblood of an organization but often times they are nonexistent or an archaic jumbled mess.

EVOKE specializes in designing and developing intranet solutions for our clients that solve these business issues. Leveraging collaborative tools from Microsoft such as SharePoint and Office 365 along with other technology platforms, our clients’ intranets are dynamic and personalized to their organizational needs. Our thoughtful architecture and innovative design processes yield custom solutions with a sleek, modern design. In addition, the enhanced usability and functionality drives employee engagement and fosters collaboration.

EVOKE Engage

Turn Ideas into Brilliant Apps

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PowerApps is Microsoft’s entry into the world of so-called low code development platforms. Like other offerings in this category, the idea is to provide developers a way to create business solution apps via an interface that minimizes the overall amount of actual coding required. PowerApps can also be leveraged by professional developers to crank out apps more quickly and with less complexity than traditionally done.

If you aren’t already using PowerApps, then you’re missing out on some amazing benefits!


Cyber Security Managed Services - identify and correct a threat before it becomes a problem.

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EVOKE is proud to officially announce our Cyber Team: EVOKE Ops. The cyber security team has been a part of EVOKE for the past 2 years and is now a new business unit of the corporation. 

Custom enterprise solutions - your competitive advantage

Get a leg up on your competition, EVOKE develops custom enterprise solutions that reduce cost, bring value and position you as the leader

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Do you have a need for a custom enterprise solution for your business or organization? There are many off the shelf software solutions that might work for some of your needs, but a custom software solution ensures all of your needs are met while creating value for your organization and giving you that competitive advantage. EVOKE has a tremendous wealth of knowledge and pedigree for building custom software solutions that reduce cost, bring value and position our client partners as leaders in their respective industry. Driven by design and usability, our experts in custom development craft your solution to meet your exact business needs and do so with visually pleasing aesthetics and unsurpassed usability.

Mobile and WEB

EVOKE builds your mobile solutions for all devices

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How up to date is your organization’s website? Is it responsive and optimized for mobile? Do you have other needs for mobile applications (Apps) or HTML solutions? What some thought was a fad or flash in the pan years ago has grown into the most common way people consume online content and media, the mobile device. If your organization is not leveraging mobile you might want to revisit it. Whether a mobile app that allows your customers a way to consume content on a smart phone or a cloud-based application that allows your remote sales force to input customer orders, custom mobile apps are great ways to create value and build a competitive advantage.

EVOKE has been designing custom mobile applications and HTML solutions for its client partners since the very beginning of the mobile boom. Working on all the current mobile platforms, iOS and Android, EVOKE builds mobile solutions that address business needs while keeping your remote user, whether they a customer or salesperson engaged and connected to your organization.