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Automation Road Map

Most of the executive teams we are speaking with are looking for automation, efficiencies, and cost savings activities. With a quick assessment, we can determine whether or not we can impact any of these areas for your organization and how fast we can execute on these findings. The analysis doesn’t require any up front fee and in 90% of the cases we review, there are significant improvements we can implement within weeks to a couple months.

Evoke has developed an Automation Road Map: Business Process Automation Proof of Concept (POC) will show you how you can leverage the Microsoft PowerPlatform toolkit to automate manual processes.

A Few Common Process Automation Questions:

  • How can I leverage my existing technology investments to create new capabilities, like data visualization and remote project management?
  • How can I rapidly automate business processes to save labor time, costs, and boost productivity?
  • How can I have easy-to-use dashboards that let me more easily manage resources, risk, and projects—especially in a remote work environment
  • How can I keep my teams efficient and aligned without additional technology investments?
  • How can I ensure my company is effectively utilizing every resource at its disposal to keep the business moving forward?

How we do it

EVOKE will evaluate in our initial assessment to remove bottlenecks and create a more efficient process with automation. The overview will effectively display how we can lower time, money and resource use—through your existing technologies, and in most cases dramatically impacting organizations within a month or two. 

Step 1: Assessment

Evaluate and uncover processes that with automation will have maximum business impact

Step 2: Road Map

The Road Map will detail your current process, tools, and stakeholders and allow EVOKE to begin the process of our recommended approach

Step 3: Analysis and Blue Print

EVOKE will analyze the current state and build a customized automation solution plan and begin the implementation

Step 4: Build and Knowledge Transfer

EVOKE will design and build automation using Power Platform tools and provide full knowledge transfer to stakeholders 

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